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We are Africa's premier boutique media house with an extensive track record that places powerful brands in front of valuable audiences that convert.

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We don't just tick boxes, we explore possibilities beyond the expected.

As a company, we have built a team that boasts a wide range of skills and a wealth of experience and knowledge. We offer a diverse portfolio of services to ensure that each and every one of our client's strategic objectives is met whilst delivering world class products and services.

5 Reasons to use our services


We've been around for awhile now and we've learned a lot. One thing we can guarantee is that through our experiences, we have become experts! In fact, the Contact Media Team is made up of creative geniuses (or genii), eventing gurus and sales professionals, all recruited from the top echelons of the media industry. Our team boasts comprehensive skills and a wealth of experience which is why we are able to offer you quality, turnkey media solutions in all areas of media, including: publishing, design, events, videography, photography and sales.

Internal sales force

Our experienced and motivated advertising sales team not only ensure the life (and thrive) of our magazine division, but they are also experts in identifying common opportunities, and aligning relevant brands and businesses who can work together for a common goal.

World class products

Whether in publishing, events, videography, photography or design, the "products" that Contact Media & Communications creates and delivers is second to none. We have received awards in all media areas and more importantly we have added measurable value to our clients through our excellence.


We believe in the power of partnerships in everything we do! If we are creating a media solution for a client, we ensure that we are fully integrated into their core marketing team so that their needs and challenges are understood clearly. We work closely with the team, supporting their mandates, and together we produce effective campaigns and projects.


True success of any project, (and the devil), is found in the detail. We believe that every task should have a central theme, and that this theme should pull through to all aspects of the project. This helps tell a story and through storytelling we are able to market effectively to your clients.


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of high-quality, highly-engaged readers that convert

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We have a proven track record of growth, reliability and notable reputation

We add measurable value to our clients

Crawford Times – Advtech - Shelley Carrol, Crawford Schools Marketing and Sales Manager

Acumen Magazine – Gibs Business School - Howard Fox, Commercial Director