Acumen Magazine

Acumen is the quarterly business journal of the Gordon Institute of Business Science — Africa’s premier business school — and aims to be South Africa’s most compelling long-form business read. The magazine represents one of the only ways to commercially reach GIBS Alumni and students and targets senior management, the C Suite and selected Alumni. The magazine features local and international opinion leaders and contributors in articles that are thought provoking and action orientated. Acumen allows advertisers to build an association with what has become a well recognised and highly respected institution in the South African business community.


Afropolitan Magazine

The Afropolitan is a premium magazine that has been successfully communicating and engaging with the African elite for the past twelve years. The Afropolitan offers our readers content in the business, luxury, lifestyle, current affairs and culture areas. Afropolitans are successful, urban, intelligent, culturally aware and savvy Africans that are considered global citizens of the world. Whilst being very proud of their African culture and roots, they live a cosmopolitan and urban lifestyles which is influenced by western and global trends. They demonstrate a genuine interest in their country and the continent by making significant economic, social and political impacts. 


Crawford Times Magazine

As the official and exclusive mouthpiece of ADvTECH’s CrawfordSchools™, the Crawford Times is a quarterly publication that reflects the ethos of this world-class institution while highlighting the achievements of each school, as well as that of the students. Due to the nature of the publication and the quality of the print and content, it enjoys high dwell times and pass on ratio. The Crawford Times celebrates all that is successful about these fantastic schools whilst also communicating directly with parents primarily and then students, extended family including proud grandparents and family friends.



“Africonomy”, the annual NEPAD Yearbook, is a collaboration between the NEPAD Business Foundation, the NEPAD Agency and Contact Media. The publication highlights five key sectors that are critical to the success of Africa as a continent. These sectors include: Infrastructure Development; Human Capital Development; Agriculture; Water; and Corporate Governance. This publication will continue to have a continental impact and will influence decision makers from the public and private sectors who are looking to do business in Africa. The publication is also distributed across Africa through the various embassies and stakeholders.


PocketCaddi Guide

Golf in South Africa represent billions to the South African economy, and is, and will always be seen, as a fantastic way for captains of industry (both men and women) to develop business relationships with potential clients and or suppliers. PocketCaddi is the most recognised and sought after golf course distance guide series in South Africa. The PocketCaddi Guide has achieved this by offering all golfers a detailed and comprehensive guide that outlines all the must-know details of fourteen of South Africa’s premier Gauteng golf courses, thereby assisting each golfer to score better, and ultimately, help them become better golfers. PocketCaddi is every golfer’s friend and an indispensable tool in their quest to play the perfect round. Presented in a pocket sized glossy format, it is practical and user-friendly whilst providing players with world class 3D graphically scaled maps of each hole, including all hazards and distances. 


Spotong Magazine

Spotong magazine is South Africa’s number one township trade magazine in size and relevance. It talks directly and successfully to business owners in the townships across the country and has done for the past 7 years. The magazine informs, educates and empowers these business owners to grow their businesses whilst tackling industry issues they, as entrepreneurs face on a daily basis. Spotong Magazine continues to grow in reputation, stature and significance with township traders as they have always been the inspiration behind this market leading magazine. Through our renewed partnerships with the GLF (Gauteng Liquor Forum), NTHA (National Tourism and Hospitality Association) and SALTA (South African Liquor Traders Association), we have taken Spotong Magazine to

new heights, with a focused strategy on growing township activations and events whilst also improving our national footprint to include areas of elevated business activity like the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, The Free State and Kwa-Zulu Natal.


Trinitonian Magazine

The Trinitonian magazine is the official mouthpiece of ADvTECH’s Trinityhouse Schools and not only carries content relevant to each school independently, but also to a Christian based community and lifestyle on the whole. Content covers: school news; travel; lifestyle features; academic / parenting features; sport and technology. As the only platform available to communicate with Trinityhouse families on a national basis, it is a very exciting publication to be involved in and a part of.


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