Effective focused marketing is crucial to positive ROI

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Early in April, esteemed guests of Contact Media & Communications gathered at Levelthree Premium Venue in Kramerville, Sandton, where legendary industry experts Peter Langschmidt and Virginia Hollis shared brand new research and important insights about media revealing how critical, relevant and effective focused marketing is to positive ROI in an advertiser’s media mix.

These are 14 key take-outs from Virginia and Peter’s presentations:

  1. People who read earn more than non-readers across the entire spectrum of society. 77% of people who fall into the top-earning SEM (Socio-Economic Measure) Supergroup 5 read print publications. (*Dec 2018)
  2. Readers also possess wealth in the form of knowledge, experience, influence, empathy. Plus, they’re more open to new brand adoption and access to bigger brand repertoires.
  3. In an extensive recent SA Market Model study, media ROI for print was found to be higher than TV, outdoor and radio advertising, in terms of short-term impact, and possibly 2-3 times higher in the long term.
  4. Readers are ENGAGED. Despite spending less time on print media, consumers are less distracted when reading newspapers or magazines. Print media and, to a lesser extent the Internet, uniquely occupy the ‘high quality’ category which means readers are learning and retain information. Viewing, rather than mere viewability, is the key determinant of sales impact.
  5. Readers pay ATTENTION. Lumen technology measures what people see, not what they say they see. As a result, we know readers spend more time looking at ads with a conversion into higher recall and offline sales. Print ads tend to be far more efficient than digital ads in gaining recall.
  6. Print gives DEPTH. Print usually enjoys four and even more “pick-ups” by different people.
  7. Don’t count the people you reach, reach the people that count!

Courtesy of Peter Langschmidt

  1. Demographics explain “who” your buyer is while importantly, psychographics explain “why” they buy! The combination of the two is of great benefit to both media and creative.
  2. A decade ago TV was king. Today it’s all about content since content is willingly consumed, while advertising is disruptively consumed.
  3. If your brand has a sizeable target market (and budget!), TV and its element of frequent exposure is great. But if you don’t want a mass audience, pick media with content that appeals to a specific audience.
  4. To minimise wastage be very specific about the titles you select. Print has always delivered quality literate audiences, and customised/niche titles deliver readers who are interested in in very specific content so they have high value.
  5. Don’t discount the fact that people still like the feel of paper and the persuasiveness of quality editorial.
  6. Interrogate your target market to know the best possible way to reach them.
  7. Everyone talks about digital and the analytics, the data collection, the medium that will revolutionise media. And it is true… But how do consumers know where to go to find the content? Traditional media does that job.

Courtesy of Virginia Hollis

For the first time at the event, many of our industry friends and associates were also exposed to the full array of “products” Contact Media & Communications creates and delivers that are second to none. These extend from publishing to events, videography, photography and design – each division enthusiastically managed by Contact Media’s specialised, passionate and talented staff.

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